COPSA celebrated it’s 20 year journey

Student union COPSA held it’s 20 year annual celebration on 17th of November in Villa Elba. On the program was speeches, awards, three course meal and live music. During the evening COPSA gave diplomas, badges of honor and announced the winner of the teacher of the year vote.

Teacher of the year vote was held on October where students can left their suggestion with arguments. Winner of the vote was teacher of social services Anne Jaakonaho. Other teachers who get lots of votes was Swedish teacher Mia Holmbäck, and engineer teachers Raine Kerttula and Hannu Ala-Pöntiö.

Rector Kari Ristimäki held a speech about importance of the student union in Centria

COPSA gave two diplomas for people who have helped the student union with their own acts. First diploma was given to Centria UAS CEO and rector Kari Ristimäki. Second diploma was given to Centria UAS board’s student member Mika Klapuri.


Badges of honor can be given for old COPSA active who have work for the student union in significant way. At the jubilee COPSA gave four silver and one golden badges of honor. Silver badges was given to persons as follows:

  • Emma Rajaniemi
  • Tanja Kupiainen
  • Emma Haapasaari
  • Emilia Tuura

Golden badge of honor was given to Tomi Hyppänen who is one of COPSA’s founder and also the first chairperson of the board in 1998.

Awarded persons left to right: Emma Haapasaari, Kari Ristimäki, Emma Rajaniemi, Mika Klapuri, Tomi Hyppänen, Emilia Tuura, Tanja Kupiainen


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