COPSA celebrated it’s 20 year journey

Student union COPSA held it's 20 year annual celebration on 17th of November in Villa Elba. On the program was speeches, awards, three course meal and live music. During the evening COPSA gave diplomas, badges of honor and announced the winner of the teacher of the year vote. Teacher of the year vote was held … Continue reading COPSA celebrated it’s 20 year journey


Representatives of COPSA has organized

Student union COPSA's representatives for the year 2019 has organized on 21th November. Chairperson for the year 2019 is Heta Koskinen (humanities and education) chosen by other representatives. Vice chairperson will be business administration student Janita Huopana. Other members of the representatives are: Alisa Hautakangas (business administration) Mesfin Keisu (humanities and education) Antti Suortamo (business … Continue reading Representatives of COPSA has organized