The board is the executive body of the Student Union. Any student who is a member can apply to become a board member. The language of the meetings is Finnish and English. The application period to the board is during the autumn term and the students receive e-mail when it is starting. The term of the Board is one calendar year from January to December. The Board has meeting approximately twice per month and every board member has a sector he/she is in charge of.

Sectors/Areas of Responsibility

Chairperson of the Board

The Chairperson of the Board is the manager of the board and staff members and he/she carries the responsibility of the actions of the Board. The Chairperson represents the Student Union and Students for example in the Centria Executive Board. The chairperson is also in charge of the communication between the Board and Representatives.

Vice Chairperson

The Vice Chairperson supports the Chairperson and takes over his/her duties if needed.


The Board Member in charge of Tutoring participates in recruiting and training the student tutors and coordinating tutoring activities.

International Affairs

The Board Member in charge of International Affairs is the link between the Student Union and the International Students.


The Board Member in charge of Communication makes sure that the public relations and communications is clear both internally and externally.


The Board Member in charge of Wellbeing takes care of the student wellbeing.


The Board Member in charge of Sports is in charge of running the sports turns and sports tournaments. He/She acts also as the chairperson of KOU (Kokkola Student Athletes).


The Board Member in charge of Events is responsible for planning and executing student events like student parties and cruises.