Order student card

Please read all the information and instructions below before placing the order!



(Including card printing costs 8€ and joining fee)

Entire degree (4 years / 240 credits) 98€

Entire degree (3,5 years / 210 credits) 88€

1 academic year 43€

1 semester (autumn OR spring) 31€



When you possess the student card you are a member of the Student Union. As a member you are entitled to Kela, VR and Matkahuolto student benefits. You will also get discount in the events organized by the Student Union. As a member you can also apply to become a Student Union active.

You can order the student card either online or by filling in a paper form. You can get a paper form from COPSA or Yto office.

Notice that if you want to order the card online you need a clear portrait photo of yourself in jpg-file. The payment can be done via Finnish online bank or credit card.

If you order the card by filling a paper form, notice that you will need a clear printed portrait photo of yourself. You can also come to COPSA office and we will take a photo of you if you wish so.



  1. Fill in your personal information. It is recommended to fill in your Finnish personal identity code (social security number) but if you don’t have it (exchange students!) it is not compulsory. Your student number you can find in your SoleOPS. Click to the next page after you have filled in all the required fields.
  2. Fill in your study information. Introduction year is the year you have started your studies. Notice that you will automatically become a member of the Student Union by ordering the card regardless of the question on the form. Click to the next page after you have filled in all the required fields.
  3. You can choose for how long time you want to pay the membership. If you pay it for a year then you have to pay 26€ per year to renew it after the first year. If you pay for the whole study time you don’t need to pay in future when you go to collect a new validity sticker for the card. Click to the next page after you have filled in all the required fields.
  4. Choose a blue student card! Upload a photo of yourself according to the instructions. Crop the photo. Click to the next page.
  5. Make sure that all the information you have given is correct. The preview shows a blue SAMOK-student card but you will receive the blue and yellow card as seen above on this page. Continue to pay.
  6. Click ”Siirry maksuturvaan maksamaan” to pay for the card and membership. Pay for your order.
  7. The card will arrive in 3-4 weeks to COPSA office (to Yto office in Ylivieska). You will receive an e-mail to your centria.fi-email when your card has arrived.



You can order a student card and become a member of the Student Union if you fulfill the following terms:

  • You are a bachelor or master’s degree student
  • You have registered as a present student in Centria University of Applied Sciences
  • You become a member of the Student Union.