Student Union

The Student Union exists for the students. According to the Act on Universities of Applied Sciences every UAS must have a Student Union. The basic task of the Student Union is to monitor students’ rights both inside the school and outside of it. Monitoring the students’ rights means that the Student Union aims to make sure that the students have the best possible studying conditions. As a part of monitoring the students’ rights the student union works in different team inside Centria UAS and therefore making sure that the voice of the student will be heard. To mention few, the Student Union has student representation in the following teams:

-Centria Board of Directors

-Centria Executive Board

-Centria R&D Executive Board

-Wellbeing team

-Student counseling team

The Student Union receives student feedback and aims to make things better for students. The Student Union is also actively cooperating with other Student Unions, head organization SAMOK (University of Applied Sciences Students in Finland) and local and national decision makers.

The Student Union COPSA consists of members, the board, the representatives and staff. Every student who have paid the membership fee (=possess a valid student card) are members.

In the Student Union the students are both the decision makers and executors. In addition the Student Union organizes different kinds of events and recruit and train student tutors