NB! Here you can find only the events that are hosted by Student Union COPSA or some of its local departments in Kokkola.

Wednesday 23.1.2019 Housewarming party at Nightclub Calle at 11pm

Tuesday 26.2. – Sunday 3.3.2019 Trip to Lapland (Vasatokka) (A student trip organized by Timetravels.)

Wednesday 13.3.2019 Student party at Nightclub Calle at 11pm

Friday-Tuesday 5.-9.4.2019 A visa-free trip to St. Petersburg, Russia (A student trip to St. Petersburg, Russia organized by Timetravels.)

Wednesday 10.4.2019 Student party at Nightclub Calle at 11pm


Pre tickets to student parties are sold in the lobby at Talonpojankatu campus. You can also buy tickets from the door.

TICKET PRICES (for student parties organized at Nightclub Calle, except Tursajaiset)

Pre tickets

4 € COPSA members

7 € non-members

From the door

5 € COPSA members

7 € non-members

NB! You are a member if you have a valid student card. You need to show your student card when you are buying the ticket. There must be the right validity sticker on your card so that you are able to get the ticket with lower price. 


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