Frank & Digital Student Card

Frank is a company owned by national student organizations (SYL, SAKKI, SAMOK, SLL) and KILROY. The aim and mission is to offer the best student discounts for the students of Finland.


You can activate a digital student card by downloading Frank App from App Store or Play Store. The application is free but you have to first become a member of COPSA by ordering the plastic student card. 

Additional features:

  • Activate ISIC-licence 3 € / year
  • You will get an access to worldwide student benefits and discounts: over 42 000 benefits in more that 130 different countries. You will be entitled to Finnair’s and other airline’s student priced flights.
  • Activate MobilePay 0 €
  • Pay for your lunch faster by using your mobile phone in all Fazer student restaurants in Finland.

Do you have questions regarding the digital student card? Please contact tai