These benefits are only available with COPSA’s membership card 

Eijan-kangas-ja-leikkuu-logo  Normal price fabrics -10 %  logo.png Gym card and/or group excercise card -10 €
 info.png  -10% from normal price products (excluding textbooks, printing supplies)  olgak_pieni.png  -20 % from normal prize clothes
 hiitolankukkatalofi-logo-1490288877.jpg  Flowers and gifts -5%  KingMeal  Normal price burger meals -10% (one meal per card)
 cropped-logo_with_bg.png  Normal price knitting yarns and handicraft supplies -10% jps.png  Hair cuts -10%
logo.png -10% from services  Suutarinliike R. Mattola All products and service -10%
 Kultavieska Warehouse products -15% 157354_big Textiles  and footwear -10% from normal prices
 Valokuvaamo Studio Raija T:mi Sinkkonen  – Electronic format passport photos + 6 paper photos 15 € (norm. 19,90 €)
– All products and studio photoshoots -10%
 tarsus.jpg  Normal price office supplies and handicraft supplies -10%
 karonen-logo.png  Flowers -10%  norpink.png  Beauty salon services -10% (doesn’t include products, series of treatments or foot spa)